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Клеточная терапия и трансплантация

Aleynikova O. V. (Minsk, Belarus)

Borset M. (Trondheim, Norway)

Chechetkin A. V. (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Fibbe W. (Leiden, Netherlands)

Galibin O. V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Hölzer D. (Frankfurt a.M., Germany)

Klimko N. N. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Kolb H.-J. (München, Germany)

Kröger N. (Hamburg, Germany)

Lange C. (Hamburg, Germany)

Mamaev N. N. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Mikhailova N. B. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Moiseev I. S. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Nagler A. (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Nemkov A. S. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Paramonov I. V. (Kirov, Russia) 

Roumiantsev A. G. (Moscow, Russia)

Savchenko V. G. (Moscow, Russia)

Smirnov A. V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Uss A. L. (Minsk, Belarus)

Zubarovskaya L. S. (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Editor-in Chief
KULAGIN Alexander (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

- Researcher ID: L-9795-2014
- Scopus Author ID: 7003340367

After qualified MD from the Novosibirsk Medical University he trained in hematology and HSCT in Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital and Hiroshima University Hospital. Since 1992 he conducted research and received PhD in Hematology and Immunology at the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Immunology. From 1995 he was lecturer of Immunology and Hematology at the Novosibirsk Medical University and attending physician at the Department of BMT.

From 2009 Alexander Kulagin works at Pavlov University as a head of the outpatient department at the RM Gorbacheva Research Institute. In 2014 he has held the position of the Deputy Chief for Hematology and, since 2015, after receiving Dr. of Sci. degree – Professor of Hematology

Currently prof. Kulagin is a head of the B.V. Afanasyev Department of Hematology, Transfusion and Transplantation with the Course of Pediatric Oncology and an acting director of the RM Gorbacheva Research Institute at Pavlov University.

Prof. Kulagin is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal «Cellular Therapy and Transplantation» and member of Editorial Board at the «Russian journal of hematology and transfusiology» and «Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Immunopathology». He also is a member of the National Hematological Society (Russia), EBMT and International PNH Interest Group. Special scientific interests include HSCT, bone marrow failure syndromes, immune cytopenias, PNH. Contributor of over 100 publications, including British Journal of Haematology, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Lupus, American Journal of Hematology, and Hematology.