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Volume 11, Number 2
Volume 11, Number 2
Kulagin A. D. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Wagemaker G. (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Zander A. R. (Hamburg, Germany)
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Chukhlovin A. B. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
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Roumiantsev A. G. (Moscow, Russia)
Smirnov A. V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Uss A. L. (Minsk, Belarus)
Zubarovskaya L. S. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
In this Issue

Review articles

High-dose immunosuppressive therapy with autologous hematopoietic stem cells transplantation for multiple sclerosis: Current view

Alexey Yu. Polushin, Evgeniya I. Lopatina, Yury R. Zalyalov, Alexander A. Tsynchenko, Natalia A. Totolyan, Alexander D. Kulagin

Biomarkers and potential targets for immune and cellular therapy in triple negative breast cancer

Oleg E. Molchanov1, Dmitrii A. Maistrenko1, Dmitrii A. Granov1, Lubov V. Vasina2, Alena A. Popova1, Irina V. Vasilevskaya1, Olga V. Mikolaichuk1,2,3, Olga S. Shemchuk2,3, Elena A. Popova1,2, Alexandra V. Protas1,2, Vladimir V. Sharoyko1,2,3, Konstantin N. Semenov1,2,3

Clinical studies

Combined adoptive immunotherapy with Blinatumomab and donor lymphocyte infusions in children with relapsed/refractory B-ALL after allogeneic stem cells transplantation

Liubov A. Tsvetkova, Olesya V. Paina, Polina V. Kozhokar’, Аnastasia S. Frolova, Zhemal Z. Rakhmanova, Elena V. Babenko, Elena V. Semenova, Alexander D. Kulagin, Ludmila S. Zubarovskaya

Spectrum of bronchoalveolar bacterial microbiota following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: age dependence and microbiota shifts

Anna A. Spiridonova1,3, Alisa G. Volkova1, Alexei B. Chukhlovin1,2, Ivan S. Moiseev1, Ludmila S. Zubarovskaya1, Alexander D. Kulagin1

Clinical case

Complicated BCG vaccination during chemotherapy in infant acute leukemia patients

Zhemal Z. Rakhmanova1, Olesya V. Paina1, Olesya S. Yudinceva1, Anna A. Starshinova2, Elena V. Semenova1, Ludmila S. Zubarovskaya1

Experimental studies

Co-culture of human cardiomyocyte and human amnion epithelial stem cells in amnion bilayer matrix for cardiomyogenesis

Muhammad A. Putra1, Normalina Sandora2, Tyas R. Kusuma2, Nur A. Fitria2, Tri W. Soetisna3, Pribadi W. Busro1, Ardiansyah1, Chaidar Muttaqin1, William Makdinata1, Idrus Alwi1

Perspectives of radiomics analysis in differential diagnosis of jaw neoplasms

Anna V. Lysenko1, Andrey I. Yaremenko2, Aleksandr I. Lуubimov3, Vladimir M. Ivanov4, Roman U. Shipov4, Elizaveta A. Ivanova1